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Congratulations on seeking support to help you stay quit. Remaining smoke free is an ongoing process, and it can be just as challenging―if not more challenging―than quitting in the first place, so getting support at this stage is a good move.

Whether you’ve successfully quit for a week, a month or a year, the challenges involved with staying quit won’t just disappear. The best thing that you can do to stay smoke free is to build a plan based on strategies that are going to work for you.

Perhaps you’re experiencing strong cravings, and want to discuss nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or Champix. Perhaps you would like assistance with getting more support from your family and friends to keep you on track.

If you do experience a relapse, you have not failed. There are plenty of ways to overcome a slip up, or start planning your next quit attempt. It may be that you’ve found which strategies don’t work for you, and can try others next time.

Whether you have relapsed, feel like you might smoke, or just want to get some ongoing support, you can always call Quitline 13 7848.